Bolo English

With the aim of empowering 1 million children with English Speaking Skills, the Bolo English project is on a mission to ensure that students can communicate in perfect english, by providing them access to premium mobile applications.

What is Project Bolo English?

Launched in July 2020, Project Bolo English is a unique initiative of the Centre for Civil Society that aims to equip children from low income families with much aspired Spoken English skills. Leveraging the role of Teachers, Schools and Parents as influencers, this project aims to provide children a free, year-long access to renowned Mobile Applications. One of the core elements of this project is its structured engagement with teachers & parents to provide them high quality language-learning res…

How do we plan on achieving our goal?

  1. Access: Providing free access to english speaking premium applications, completely free of cost, that are aimed at enhancing the english speaking skills of students through interactive sessions, gamification and language practices.
  2. Retention: Ensuring year long, structure engagement with students by sharing their progress with parents and teachers, involving them in various activities etc.
  3. Engagement: Providing additional support and feedback through weekly reports, Level Completion Tests, Webinars, and Rewards and Recognition
  4. Evaluation: Ongoing evaluations in addition to baseline and endline assessments of all students