Hindi Elocution Competition

Hindi Elocution Competition

Proper training in speech, drama and a lot of conviction are essential during any elocution competition. An elocution competition at school level gives students an opportunity to combat one of the biggest fear factors i.e. stage fright. Aiming the same , an Inter House Hindi Elocution Competition’ was held in school in the month of July’22.  The competition took place in three phases-

  • Intra class
  • Inter Section
  • Inter house

Different topics were given to different sections of the students to enhance their knowledge. Topics for Hindi elocution competition were कविताएं, राष्ट्रीय एकता की आवश्यकता, मेरे सपनों का भारत’ आदि।

All the participants performed exceptionally well. The competition gave a lot of encouragement and confidence to the students present there. The level of elocution was very high which made the job of judges more difficult.

Outstanding performances are as follows –

House / Classes Red House (200) Green House (200) Blue House (200) Yellow House (200)
III to V 40 38 34 45
VI to VIII 28 32 24 27
IX & X 42 41 42 38
XI & XII 40 27 36 38
Total 150 138 136 148



House Position
Red I
Yellow II
Green III
Yellow IV


Judges Mr Vivek Awasthi and Ms. Preeti Grover praised the efforts of the students . They motivated and guided them for their bright future.

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