“Where words fail, music speaks.”

– Hans Christian Anderson

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it. It is a known fact that music is the best method of relaxation. Considering all these things, an Inter House Solo Singing Competition was organized in Guru Nanak Modern School, Kalyanpur on November 4, 2022. Students of classes III to XII represented their houses in it.

The competition was divided into three categories:

Position Student’s Name House
I Yogita Kalam House
II Ansh Rabindra House
III Divyansh Bhaiveer Singh House

Category I : Classes III to V

Category II : Classes VI to VIII

Category III : Classes IX to XII

All the participants from the four houses put forth their enthralling performance. The children sang the songs with confidence and passion. The mellifluous songs pulled the heartstrings of the audience. After the competition was over our Respected Principal Sir, Mr. Balwinder Singh came forward and praised the students for their brilliant performances. He also appreciated the choices of the songs. Then the result that was declared is as follows:




Position Student’s Name House
I Bhawini Kalam House
II Kawal Rabindra House
III Arnav Verma Kalam House



I Position Red
II Position Green
III Position Yellow


Position Student’s Name House
I Drishti Rabindra House
II Aftab Kalam House
III Shambhavi Raman House

The academic coordinator, Mr. Vivek Awasthi motivated the students for more and more participation in Co-curricular activities. He also appreciated the singing talent of the students and advocated that music has great power, rhythm and soul.At the end Ms. Preeti Grover, academic coordinator proposed vote of thanks.