Karo Yog, Raho Nirog – Yoga Day

International yoga day is observed every year on June 21 to raise awareness about this ancient practice and to celebrate the physical and spiritual prowness that yoga has has brought to the world. It plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body and boosting people’s immune system. 

This year on the 8th International yoga day a program was organised at Guru Nanak Modern School. Around 200 students and 50 teachers participated in the program. Students were made aware and motivated towards yoga day making theme “Yoga for humanity” the basis of the Year 2022.

The school Principal /City Coordinator, CBSE, Kanpur/Unnao, Mr Balwinder Singh said that yoga is not a religion but a way of living which aims at building a healthy body and a healthy mind. School coordinator Sri Vivek Awasthi and Ms. Preeti Grover motivated the students to adopt yoga in their lifestyle. This was followed by a long session with demonstration of Asanas by expert yoga teachers Mr Dilip Gaur, Ms. Nishi Singh and Ms. Jyoti, After yoga, refreshments were also provided to the students. 

The program was well received by the students and they were encouraged to think about their physical, mental and spiritual health.

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